Service and Support. Keeping your investment producing for you.

Service and support mean everything to us for keeping your investment producing for you. At Akhurst, our team knows how important is your equipment to keep operating at a high level, producing quality products. We have had the support team to make this happen for our clients for over 80 years. Whether starting up and training your staff on new or used machinery, repairs, or preventative maintenance, our technicians will have your machine up and running as quickly as we can. With service technicians in our five offices across Canada, plus contract service technicians, we are here to ensure you receive the technical support you need to maximize production time.

Installations and Training

With more than 500 machine instals/year, our priority is to ensure your equipment purchase starts on the right foot is. It all comes down to a thorough installation process and proper operator training. Our factory-trained technicians provide expert instruction on adequate machine setup, diagnostics, and maintenance procedures.

Preventative Maintenance

Why wait for your machine to break down when most can be prevented through scheduled regular maintenance? Akhurst offers over 40.000 hours of service every year, ensuring your equipment runs at optimal levels and produces the quality of the product you and your customers expect.

Technical Support

Our service team, providing over 4.000 support calls/year, is available for onsite and remote services. By contacting our service coordination team, we can save you time and money by getting you the service you need when you need it. Located coast to coast, we can provide a full-service approach: onsite technical, telephone and video supports.

Spare Parts

We carry over $3 million in spare parts, and our parts professionals can work with you on expediting your order according to your needs.  We also have a wide range of tooling and supplies which can be purchased at our online store.

Wherever you need.

Akhurst is one of North America’s largest independent machinery distributors, with five branches strategically located across Canada, along with a sales office dedicated to their U.S. customer base. Akhurst Machinery Group also includes Cantek America Inc. and Leadermac USA’s operations, which are set up to distribute equipment directly and through dealers throughout the United States.

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