Used Dynamic 4.5E Edgebander

Machine Information

Especially designed for the application of veneer, PVC, ABS, melamine and solid wood strips from 0.4mm up to 5mm of thickness.  The machine is composed as follows:

All working stations mounted on 15mm thick steel plated.

  • Introduction Steel Fence: 680mm L x 20mm W x 60mm H
  • Heatable from 0° to 90° approx. with a thermometer with heavy steel support for the panel.


  • Teflon Coated Lower Glue Pot With quick heating time (Approx. 6 minutes)
  • Capacity of 3 Litres.
  • With granulated glue
  • Manual movement of glue pot (via handle) in/out of glue line (Apply or not apply glue on panel edge)
  • Coil tape tray @ 800mm diameter
  • Automatic wood strip magazine for edge thickness from 0.4mm up to 5mm
  • Vertical shear for cutting ABS and PVC up to 3mm thick and 54mm width, with vertical movement and horizontal copying movement. The function is electro-pneumatic
  • Pressure rollers zone composed by nr. 03 rollers. The first pressure roller (140mm Dia.) is in steel and motorized (Pic.30).  The other 2 idle rollers (60mm Dia.) are with opposing degree tilt for a perfect pressing.  This unit is equipped with the manual movement with a digital counters
  • Automatic adjustment of the top groups when thickness changes. Moves with upper beam


  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Control panel mounted at infeed for operator convenience
  • 6″ color screen with Windows Operating System
  • Controls temperature setting, activation of all working units, auto-chamfering of end trim blades, and activation of the PVC scraping device.
  • On board error diagnostics for trouble shooting.

All our production are assembled right hand (left hand is optional).  Feed on Left / Workstations on Right.

CE standard security.

CSA electrical components and provincial electrical inspectin included.