Used G50 ELT Knife Grinder

Machine Information

  • Machine bed, welded construction in cell design
  • Guideways, hardened and ground way bands
  • Machine table, sturdy construction as fixed chuck (PL) or electromagnetic – rotating – chuck (el) or electromagnetic – double – chucks (elD) with adjustment and clamping device
  • Grinding carriage, cast iron construction with anti-liftrolls, support guiding system with tapered gibs
  • Downfeed system, for grinding tool, play free screw and nut system, impulse feed with scale, digital display or operator panel, rapid positioning
  • Grinding motor with strong holly shaft and high precision bearings, tiltable for cross and radial grinding
  • Traverse drive, variable adjustable
  • Coolant water through the hollow motor shaft and from the sides, filtration cleaning
  • Electrical cabinet, separate installed
  • Magnetic separator for cleaning of coolant water
  • Electromagnetic clamping
  • Electromagnetic double chuck
  • Patented electromagnetic quick changing device for grinding tools
  • Operator control for NC-control
  • Edge honing device
  • Superfinish – Grinding – Attachment

Honing heads make the difference

  • Completely automated cycle
  • Automatic setting of proper angle and honing pressure
  • Knives of any length and of any angle can be honed together in one set up