Used L202 Moulding Sander

Machine Information

The Opti-Sand Moulding Sander is designed to thoroughly and uniformly finish sand and sealer sand work pieces such as mouldings, trim, flooring, etc. The Opti-Sand Moulding Sander has two or more horizontal top spindles and can have two or more vertical side spindles and/or two or more horizontal bottom spindles to sand the various surfaces of the work pieces. All spindles are adjustable for different part sizes as well as abrasive wear. The top and side spindles are tiltable for optimum sanding. Full width pressure rollers easily adjust by hand crank to hold the work pieces firmly on the power conveyor and against the rear guide fence.

  • Sanding Width: 11.75″
  • Sanding Height: 4″
  • Part Length: 18″
  • Sanding Spindle Diameter: 1.963″ (50mm)
  • Horizontal Spindle Motor: 1 Hp each
  • Vertical Spindle Motor: 0.5 Hp each
  • Total Power: 3.7 Hp
  • Spindle Speeds: 100-1000 RPM variable by inverter
  • Conveyor Speed: 10-100 FPM variable by inverter
  • Infeed Height: 32.25″-33.50″
  • Dust Collection: Four 4″ ports requiring 1,400 CFM
  • Includes hand crank adjustment for hold down rollers and touch screen control for spindle speeds and feed rates.
  • 2 Core with 36 Slots for Sanding Strips, 180 D x 300 L
  • Includes sanding hubs and a variety of abrasives